SKConstruction services

Serving in the following areas

Turbines Erection & Maintenance

SKConstruction provides overhauling services for Gas/Steam Turbines from erection to maintenance.

Pumps Repairing Services

SKConstruction provides  Industrial pumps repairing and maintenance services.

Generators Repairing & Services

SKConstruction provides  Generator repairing and maintenance services in the power sector.

Valves Fittings & Maintenance

SKConstruction provides  Industrial valves repairing and maintenance services.

Rotary Equipments Services

SKConstruction provides  rotary equipments repairing and maintenance services.

In-Situ Valves Repairing

SKConstruction provides  In-situ valves repairing and maintenance services.

Condenser Cleaning Services

SKConstruction provides  Industrial condenser cleaning and maintenance services.

Industrial Piping Solutions

SKConstruction provides  industrial piping solutions and maintenance services.

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SKConstruction serving the power industries

CSKConstruction offers its  services in erection and maintenance of  Gas Turbines, Generators repairing and services, Valves, Pumps, industrial Piping solutions and condenser cleaning services to the thermal power industries across the India.